Microsoft Word Autocorrect Tool for Bahá’í Words

Microsoft Word Autocorrect Tool for Bahá’í Words

by David House


download Word Autocorrect Tool, v. 2018-02(a): house_microsoft_word_autocorrect_wordlist.docm
(last mod 03/24/18)

This Word tool contains about 180 ‘Bahá’í words’— mostly proper nouns. Using the tool, you can add these words and phrases to Word’s ‘autocorrect’ entries and its custom dictionary, so that your copy of Word will easily and instantly provide you with these words properly spelled (God willing; corrections welcome) and formatted according to the system of transliteration established by the beloved Guardian, who said:

“I feel confident that all the friends will from now on follow this system and adhere scrupulously and at all times to this code in all their writings.” (Shoghi Effendi, Bahá’í Administration, p. 43, March 12, 1923)

The tool (v. 2018-02(a)) is available here: house_microsoft_word_autocorrect_wordlist.docm.

This webpage is a backup of the page and software at


    • Word may warn you of potential problems when you try to use the tool by clicking the button found on page 4, but please know that this file is safe.
    • This tool has been tested on Word 2013 (PC and Mac versions), as well as Word 2010 & 2016 (PC) only. Please contact us (e-address found in the document) if you
      are either able to achieve success with a different version of Word, or (we hope not, but possibly) failure. (We will update this page as such reports come in.)
    • For any interested programmers, you can see the code used, in the VBA window: We hereby place it in the public domain.
    • For researchers, translators and others who wish to develop and maintain their own lists, we are also providing a slender, ‘empty’ version of the tool, here: house_microsoft_word_autocorrect_wordlist_empty.docm.

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