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We are super thrilled to share a new Baha’i inspired project with you! It’s called Day by Day and it’s a new, separate initiative from some of the Baha’i Blog team! Day by Day offers meditations and affirmations to connect with your spiritual self. As you might have guessed, this initiative’s name was inspired by Abdu’l-Baha’s response when He was asked how we might perfect ourselves in the face of life’s obstacles: “Little by little, day by day”.

Day by Day’s first series is called “Shaping my Day” and offers positive affirmations based around virtues and spiritual qualities. Here’s a short video that explains what the affirmations will look and sound like, and that introduces CC, our friendly and soothing guide:

The first Shaping my Day video is focused on enthusiasm and it’s difficult not to be electrified after repeating nine affirmations along with CC:

The aim of Day by Day is to create a really inclusive, open, welcoming and gentle space, a sort of online oasis where anyone of any background, race, faith, or belief, can find positive, affirming, ideas, grounded in timeless spiritual truths.

Day by Day is based on four guiding principles:

🌏 Humanity is one

🧘 We can all develop our spiritual selves

🤝 Service and spirituality go hand in hand

💛 Baha’i inspired, open to everyone

Later this year, the Day by Day team are planning to launch a series of longer meditations called “Higher Self”, themed to go deeper on spiritual topics while meditating, or even falling asleep!

We’d love your support for this new project! You can follow Day by Day on Instagram, find its videos on YouTube, download an affirmation wallpaper from its Pinterest account, or check out its website.

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