BIC Addis Ababa: Video explores the pivotal role of women in promoting peace

BIC ADDIS ABABA — The Addis Ababa Office of the Bahá’í International Community (BIC) has released a short video titled Women in Peace, exploring the important role that women can play in the peace-building process.

Solomon Belay, a representative of the BIC, says the video explores the relationship between the advancement of women and the creation of prosperous and peaceful societies. “The full participation of women in all spheres of society is required, especially in leadership roles,” he says.

Dr. Belay adds: “The capacity of women to foster cooperation and inclusion is essential to efforts aimed at resolving conflict.” He further emphasizes that peace building is not possible if part of the population is excluded from the process.

The video explores some of the aspects of society that prevent the full participation of women in all areas of human endeavor. An example raised by Sabrina Zeleke Shodjai in the video is the institution of the family. “Women are important stakeholders in peace when we view the family unit… as a space where praiseworthy morals and capacities are developed.”

Mrs. Zeleke Shodjai continues to explain that when the principle of the equality of women and men is not recognized, the harmful attitudes and behaviors that people learn in the family continue to influence their social interactions in other spheres of life. “When a family fails to acknowledge equality, women are belittled in society.” This then turns to aggression and oppression, she states.

The short video, which can be viewed here, is part of the broader efforts the Addis Ababa Office has made over the years to highlight women’s distinctive contributions to prevalent discourses. Most recently, the Office held a discussion forum on the disproportionate impact of the climate crisis on women, noting that despite this challenge women in Africa are taking a leading role in addressing environmental challenges.

The Addis Ababa Office will release additional videos, exploring topics relating to the various discourses in which it is participating, including peace and security, the equality of women and men, and climate change.

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